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Thread: Sean Marks cards wanted

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    Sean Marks cards wanted

    Hey I want any and all Sean Marks cards. Will trade any top player other than Kobe for him.

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    I have a Sean Marks game used shooting Shirt from the Raptors. it's a full one.. PM me if interested. I have pics

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    Would you tarde it for cards? If so who and how much you would want?

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    I need Morris Peterson and antonio Davis. Do you have a tradelist? I'd rather sell.. LMK

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    heh i read that subject and thought ' ok thats gotta be another kiwi '

    lol :)

    how many Marks cards are there ?
    shouldnt be that hard to get a complete set

    check my www link

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    Coll3ctor: I don't have any decent cards of them, and can't really afford to purchase at the moment. Thanks anyway.

    meshuggah: Nah there are'nt that many, but trying to actually locate them is hard. All I have located so far is a Presspass RC and Presspass auto.

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    No I think it was 97-98/98-99, but only had college cards this 02/03 where Upper Deck made one of him

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