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    SCF Official Review: 2011/12 Panini Preferred

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank our sponsors at Panini for providing us with this box.

    1 pack per box
    4 cards per pack (individually sealed)
    Current Retail Price (online): $199.99 - $229.99


    - Historic! 3 Iconic Designs From Donruss History : Look for memorable designs from the past, like the renowned die-cut triangular Panini's Choice (formerly Cramer's Choice), the classic Donruss Signatures, and Silhouettes!
    - 1st Time Ever! Every card in the base set is autographed!
    - Debuting! Chris Paul's First Panini Autographs !
    - Three Autographs Total and One 6 to 8 Swatch Memorabilia Booklet per Box!
    - Look for 1 of 1 cards - Autographs available!


    Three Classic Designs, Finally Available to Basketball Collectors! One Per Box! Each box contains three individually blind-wrapped autographs, and a six to eight swatch memorabilia booklet featuring themed combinations such as Legends, All-Stars, Assists, Rebounds, Forwards, Slam Dunk and Rookies. Prime patch versions are also randomly seeded!

    350 Card set with no commons!

    This Unique New Program is filled with Historical Designs and every card is an autograph or multi-swatch memorabilia booklet card!
    - Every Autograph Limited to a Print Run of 99 or Less!
    - Look for 10 retired Crown Royale Autographed Die Cuts
    - Memorabilia Booklets One-Per-Box, Featuring Hall of Famers!
    - Look for Silhouette Memorabilia Cards Featuring Prime Memorabilia Swatches and On-Card Autographs!
    - Look for unique memorabilia booklet combinations featuring players from the same team, from the same draft class, and Slam Dunk Contest participants!
    - Next-level memorabilia cards showcasing never-before seen player combinations on each booklet!
    - The most unique base set of its kind!


    Panini Signatures Mitch Richmond Autograph REDEMPTION

    Panini's Choice Tommy Heinsohn Autograph /74

    Crown Royale Signatures Gordon Hayward /99

    Slam Dunk Booklet: Kobe Bryant/Vince Carter/David Robinson/Shaquille O'Neal/Tracy McGrady/Chris Webber/Kevin Garnett/Grant Hill Octo Jersey /125


    Base - 5/5 (All "base" cards are autographs)
    Design - 4.5/5
    Fun - 4/5
    Value - 2.5/5
    Rebuy - 2.5/5

    Overall - 18.5/25 (74%)

    Every card is an autograph or memorabilia booklet
    Convergence of multiple popular card designs
    Each card individually wrapped (piece of excitement every time)

    Kills the value of booklets (For instance, 135 of the one pictured above. Thought the idea of pulling a booklet was meant to be rare)
    Priced too high
    Very feast or famine type of boxes
    Each card individually wrapped (could lead to damage issues)

    Once again, I'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors at Panini for giving us the opportunity to open and review this release. For more information on all their products, you can visit them today at
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    SCF has had a lot of great hits from this product. The booklets are really sweet.
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    I just bought a box. It did seem a little expensive but at 2 am anything seems reasonable. Well see how I do. Hope I can at least get a booklet out of it. Looks nice.

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    very nice. do you guys raffle off the cards you get?

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    Yea, what happens to the stuff u guys pull?
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    I guess the pricepoint is a little too high,I'd be very dissappointed with the box you just opened Tony,nice review though.
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    When someone buys a box like this they have to know you can hot big or miss big.
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