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    Acarter13's 2012 IP Thread (baseball)

    I mostly graph the Syracuse Chiefs and whoever the chiefs play, but i am going to a Pittsburgh Pirates game sometime this year.

    4/7/12-Syracuse Chiefs vs. Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees(sorry for being a little late on this one)

    Not many people signed due to the 50 Degree weather, but some did.

    I'll start off with the Yankees

    Since Bryce Harper is on the Chiefs, nearly everybody was trying to get his autograph, so there were only a few people graphing the Yankees.

    Steve Pearce-Mr. Pearce signed my 2008 Rookie Card for me, but since it was so early in the year, he nearly forgot his number! He wrote the first number, took about a 5 second pause, and then remembered the rest of his number. I've never seen that happen before.

    Kevin Russo-Mr. Russo signed my 2009 Bowman Chrome RC. Very nice guy, he has been in the Yankees system for a while now, so I have gotten to talk to him quite a bit over the years

    Now for the Chiefs

    I have never seen so many people getting the Chiefs autograph in my entire life. There were even more people than when Strasburg was in AAA. My mom and I showed up really early to the game so she was able to get a great spot for autographs.

    Tyler Moore-Mr. Moore signed a Syracuse Chiefs ice cream helmet for me. I didn't have anything else for him to sign at this game, but i took a great picture of him and printed it out as an 8x10 for next game to get signed. Tyler is the Nationals 14th ranked prospect, and the 2nd ranked 1B prospect, only behind Chris Marrero.

    Seth Bynum-Seth signed my Syracuse Chiefs 2011 pocket schedule for me. Seth signs nearly every single game, so he had already signed all of my cards. I also took a great picture of him playing shortstop and printed it as an 8x10 to get signed.

    And here's the big one:

    Bryce Harper-Bryce signed an ROMLB on the Sweet Spot for me. Although it didn't come out as well as I had hoped, I'm not complaining. Harper signed for a solid 15 minutes, which I did not expect at all. He kept to himself though, and he only talked to fans when they addressed him first.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Went to the game today, and even though it was at the Chiefs home stadium, they were the away team. The Yankees are playing all their home games on the road while their stadium is being renovated.

    4/14/12-Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees vs. Syracuse Chiefs

    Lets start with the Yankees:

    Jason Bulger-Mr. Bulger signed my 2006 Upper deck RC. Jason is a new player on the Yankees this year, so this is the very first time i got his autograph. He seemed very shy and almost a little awkward.

    Jack Cust-Jack signed my 2007 Upper Deck card. It didn't seem like he was in a very good mood though, because he ignored everybody and only signed for me and one other person

    Michael O'connor-Mike signed my 2006 Bowman RC and 3 2007 Topps cards for me. I loved Mike when he pitched for the Chiefs, he is a great guy.

    Steve Pearce-Steve signed my 2011 Topps card. Instead of signing his current number on the card, he signed the number 51. He then said "Dang, did I just write 51? Sorry dude." Very funny guy.

    Ramiro Pena-Mr. Pena signed my 2010 Upper Deck card. I am a huge fan of Ramiro Pena, he is such a great guy. When he was in the MLB with the Yankees, i got a picture with him, and he was very cool about it. I have gotten to talk to him quite a bit over the past few years. I really hope he makes it back up to the Yankees soon.

    Kevin Russo-Russo signed my 2009 Topps Chrome card today. He signs just about every day, which is nice.

    Kevin Whelan-Kevin signed my 2011 Bowman Card and my 2009 Trenton Thunder team set card. I missed Kevin last game i went to because he had a jacket on and i didn't know who he was, but i'm glad i got him this

    Managed to get 11 Yankees Autographs

    Now the Chiefs:

    Greg Booker-Booker has been with the team for a little 2 seasons now, and this is the only time I have seen him sign for anyone. He didn't talk to anybody while he was signing either.

    Bryce Harper-Bryce signed my ROMLB on the sweet spot again tonight, and it came out perfect. He only signed for a few people, and he told some guy that he doesn't sign on Sundays because of his religion.

    Jason Michaels-Jason signed my 2007 Topps, 2 2009 Topps, 2008 Upper Deck, and 2007 Topps Classic Combo card. Really nice guy, he signed every single item anyone wanted. He was pretty funny too.

    Tyler Moore-Tyler signed my 8x10 that I took in the previous game. This kid is tearing up AAA, batting .303 with 4 home runs, 10 rbi's and a .697 Slugging.

    Ryan Perry-Ryan signed my 2011 Topps and 2010 Upper Deck. I could tell he really didn't like being in AAA one bit.

    Mark Teahen-Teahen signed my 2008 Topps, 2011 Topps, and 2007 Fleer Ultra. I have always been a fan of Teahen, I saw him play when he was with the White Sox last year.

    Ended up with 13 Chiefs autographs


    Thanks for looking!
    ​Starting an Ian Desmond collection, any help is appreciated!

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    Very nice Harper ball, I am going to the Syracuse game tomorrow and Monday. Hoping to get Harper!!!

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    He won't sign Sunday, but he might on Monday. Good luck!
    ​Starting an Ian Desmond collection, any help is appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by acarter13 View Post
    He won't sign Sunday, but he might on Monday. Good luck!

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    Boy, Harper's signature is sure going to hell. I'm glad he's signing, though. I'm really hoping to land him in May...
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    He's been rushing himself, he's trying to satisfy as many people as possible by signing for more people, but then his autograph comes out like crap. I'm just glad i got his autograph. Good luck in May!
    ​Starting an Ian Desmond collection, any help is appreciated!

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    I went to the Syracuse game yesterday and he signed. He signed for about 10-15 people or so. So maybe he didnt sign last sunday because it was Easter.

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    Wow that pen skipped big time on the first ball you got. Also why black on the cards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigticket401 View Post
    why black on the cards?
    I just like black better than blue sharpies, no other reason
    ​Starting an Ian Desmond collection, any help is appreciated!

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