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    My First Box Break! 2011-2012 SP Authentic

    This was my first box break, after I just started collecting basketball cards two weeks ago!

    Here are the hits!

    Bob McAdoo home court signatures ( I was paranoid of keeping it mint so i placed a thick case on it)

    J.R Reid North Caralina Floor Authentics Auto 46/75

    A bittersweet hit/miss on this card... I was really hoping for a signature on this card :(
    Michael Jordan North Carolina Floor Authentics

    Andd... all the rookie F/X's

    I'll be posing the base cards when i have the time :)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NyFanCam01 View Post
    not bad
    Yeah not the best :( but it was a fun experience opening up my first box and the feeling when you get something good... Know I know why box breaking can be so addictive :D

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    Pretty good break,I like the Mcadoo,I'd have been happy with it.
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    Yup gonna keep the McAdoo auto but I might sell the j.r reid and michael jordan floor

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    Congrats on the break and welcome to the hobby!

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    Pretty nice break, especially if you're a Tar Heels fan! I like the look of the Reid.
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