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    USPS Problem: Any Help Appreciated

    I sold a $20.00 wrestling card on ebay on Friday. I printed the label off early Saturday Morning and packaged it up for shipping. The mail carrier picked it up because it was gone with my bill that I had also left to be mailed. I go on the website to track the package because I like to make sure it arrives but it says it hasn't been scanned in yet. This has me nervous because now it its Tuesday. Has anyone else have had this problem before?

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    I'm not sure how long it takes to get them into the system when you print the shipping at home. I'd inquire at the post office. There may just be a lag in getting the number into the system.

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    Had my father call up the Post Office since he used to work for them. His friend stated it might of just got thrown into the out going mail without being scanned in. Hopefully it will be updated later tonight.

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    I wouldn't sweat it too much. It will probably be updated when they process it through a sorting facility or deliver it.

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    Finally, the package got scanned in Wisconsin yesterday. Hopefully it arrives to the buyer Friday or Saturday.

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