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Thread: WTTF: Jared Jeffries!!

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    WTTF: Jared Jeffries!!

    Hey I need every Jared Jeffries card you own. GU, AUTOS, RCS, BASE anything!! Im trying to get every card made. LOL i have only about 12 . Ill trade you cards or CC LMK

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    I have 2 Jared Jeffries rc's.

    1)Ovation #'d rc
    2) UD MVP rc

    What do you have in return?

    I'm looking for GU's and 2002-2003 rc's(Nene,Amare,Yao,Dajaun,Caron....etc)

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    Ill give ya Cardcash for the ovation. i alredy got the MVP

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    dont have that one either LMK what your looking for and is that ur only one. ill giv ya Cardcash for it alos

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    I'm not sure if it's my only one but I do have some cards of his Twin Brother Chris Jefferies! JK LOL LMK how much CC you will give me. Thanks

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