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Thread: Newbie to scf

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    Newbie to scf

    new to the scf i am dennis from northwest louisiana. I just started collecting football cards. I am mainly interested in andrew luck. Have other nice cards not alot of high end stuff but some. Have commons for
    this years tops rc's and last yrs rc's. Have commons for last years and this years score glossy if you are trying to make that set. Opened a box of each of this years finest, elite and rookies and stars also. I would like to trade even up if u have some andrew luck's i do not.

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    Dennis, welcome to the site...Rick
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    Hey Dennis!!! "WELCOME" To SCF. Glad Ya Have Ya Aboard. Hope Your Time Spent Here Is Enjoyable. Visit The Football Forums & We Have THE BEST Traders There & They Are Always Looking To Help Newer Traders Out & They ALL Love To Trade. Good Luck Also On Your Andrew Luck Private Collection & If Ya Ever Have Any Questions Or Problems Feel Free To Give Me A Shout.

    Thanks, John

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    Hello, and welcome to SCF...

    -Robert Lewis
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    Hey Dennis. I'm glad ya found us! Andrew Luck collector huh? I have seen quite a few of his cards floating around the football forum. You may also want to jump over to the set building forum there when ya get a chance, and see if anyone is trying to complete those sets you have base and rookies from.

    Don't hesitate to ever give me a shout if I can help ya out!

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    Hey Dennis, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!

    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Hey Dennis, and welcome to SCF! I know you'll love it here.
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    Hi Dennis ! Welcome to SCF!! Best site on the web!!
    Collecting Ben Gordon and a little bit of everything(Football and Baseball)!

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