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    WTTF Daunte Culpepper Gu and AUTOS

    Well, since i happend to run into him and Moss at the hotel i was at, I want more of his cards. I got him to sign my jersey and my ball and my buddy's Game Worn hat. It was a really fun time, so I want to get more Culpepper stuff, let me know thanks. Will also look at some numbered cards, thanks

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    hey, i have a 2002 donruss classics new millenium gu /400
    culpepper mm5

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    lmk, i like eagles 49ers, but if u dont have em just post what u have, thanx

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    check out my site, make sure to check all pages, is it a ball or jersey? thanks

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    is this GU? 2002 Pacific LTD. Andre Carter 25/71
    u still interested?

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    it is not GU, i am interested, but dont have anything you want

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    Ill give you a 2001 UD Daunte Culpepper for $1.00 shipped.


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    no thanks

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