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Thread: 05-06 Sweet Spot

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    05-06 Sweet Spot

    Bought one box of 05-06 Sweet Spot and one box of 05-06 SPGU and one pack of 05-06 BDP.

    Opened Box of SPGU first not thrilled, but the sweet spot and pak made up for it.


    Rashard Lewis Authentic Fabrics Gold 055/100
    Rafael Araujo Authentic Facbrics
    Lucious Harris Authentic Fabrics
    Maurice Taylor Authentic Fabrics
    Kenyon Martin Authentic Fabrics
    Kris Humphries Authentic Fabrics
    Deron Williams Signifance Auto 081/100
    Antoine Wright RC 770/999
    Rickey Sanchez RC 077/999
    Ersan Ilyasova RC 641/999

    Sweet Shot

    Rashad McCants Signature Autos NFT
    Carmelo Anthony Sweet Spot Signatures Red Laces Baseball 08/10
    Quinten Richardson Sweet Swatches 006/250
    Jason Terry Sweet Shot Jersey /250
    Sheed Gold Parrallel 039/199
    Joey Graham RC 1002/1599
    Francsico Garcia 0407/1599
    M.Andriuskevicius 0360/1599


    Deron Williams Auto RC Base
    Joey Graham RC Gold
    Hinrich Chrome

    The melo is freakin sweet I wish I had the McCants

    Was very shocked that I pulled the McCants after I had pulled the Melo as it is only one Auto per box on average.

    As always lookin for McCants

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    well those are some great pulls from sweet shot i would be interested in the carmelo auto but hard to say what book Value would be at the moment but i do have a

    04-05 finest red x-fractor redemption
    rashad mccants rc #090/119

    let me know if ur interested thanks

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    Carmelo Anthony Sweet Spot Signatures Red Laces Baseball 08/10

    What value do you need for this?


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    Did you by any chance

    Get a base Wade you will trade?

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    yo i have a mccants green x-fractor Finest RC #/59. Book on it is $80 for the redemption, no BV yet for the actual card. LMK if intrested. i like the carmelo
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    I'm interested in both Deron Williams Autographs. Check my site.

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    Very interested in these:
    Carmelo Anthony Sweet Spot Signatures Red Laces Baseball 08/10

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    lopezhm-please clear your PM box. I've been attempting to contact you for days.

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