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Thread: reggie williams wanted

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    Question reggie williams wanted

    ive started to collect reggie williams...looking for autos,jerseys,rcs,inserts,and rare #rd cards....sorry but im not looking to trade pc for him...please lmk what you have and what your looking for!!!!!i have a list of reggie williams cards that i have!!!!the list is on my site!!!!!thanks cardsrus

    :new_uklia :new_borgs :new_infin :new_bat_a

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    ud signature foundations auto.

    i like...
    2004 topps signature edition matt schaub auto #412/1499
    2004 topps matt schaub rc auto

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    gretzky99=could i get a scan please??????/

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    sorry, don't have a scanner. i could take a picture. that way you could tell what card it is, but it won't be super clear.

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    gretzky99=please lmk

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    the card is mint, no issues. do you want a picture? it wouldn't do much more than show you what the card looks like. wouldn't be very helpful with condition. do you want the picture?

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