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    Need Some CC.. Tell Me what your Looking for!!

    I need some cc.. Let me know what players or things your looking for and ill let you know what i have and how much cc im looking to sell it for.. I am very fair and will negotiate any price till both parties are satisfied.. Please let me know.. Thanks Alot..

    I have lots of stuff including gu and autos.. Just let me know what you need and ill let you know what i have..

    I usually go 10 cc per 1.00 bv.. Except on gu and autos i might want more depending on the players.. 5cc shipping per card reguardless how many you buy.. Thanks Alot..

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Can you pm me a list of Basketball GU's and Autos? Thx.

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    Also, a listy of Autos from Football and Baseball would be helpful, thx

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    If you still have this how much CC would it be.

    2003-04 Fleer Showcase Tracy McGrady Hot Hands Jersey (073/375) ($25.00)

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    i want upper-deck scratch off cards codes for reward and ill give you cc

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