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Thread: WTTF: Dallas Cowboys

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    WTTF: Dallas Cowboys (Base / Inserts / RC's / GU / Autos)

    Anything I don't have...Base/Inserts/RC's/GU/Autos...Let me know!

  2. Kronozio
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    Have an incoming card:

    Julius Jones, Cowboys, 2004 Upperdeck Sweet Spot RC AU/199, #283, $150,00

    Looking for:
    Football: Donovan McNabb, Ray Lewis, Russel Wilson Auto's, GU's, low #'ed Cards
    Baseball: Mets & Astros Auto's & GU's
    Flickr: Hidden Content
    Everything is available, except for PC

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    Do you want a couple of '75 Topps?

    Drew Pearson RC
    Roger Staubach


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    I have these base and a few RC's. LMK if you need them.

    Drew Bledsoe-2005 Topps Bazooka #124
    Antonio Bryant-2003 Topps #206
    Quincy Carter-2003 Topps #111
    Tony Dorsett-2005 UD Legends #86
    Troy Hambrick-2003 Topps #31
    Chad Hutchinson-2003 Topps #274
    Keyshawn Johnson-2005 Absolute Memorbilia #46
    Al Johnson-2005 Upper Deck #52
    Drew Pearson-2005 UD Legends #45
    Ken-Yon Rambo-2003 Topps #61
    Derek Ross-2003 Topps #135
    Darney Scott-2003 Topps #89
    Emmit Smith-2003 Topps #150
    Marcus Spears-2005 Topps Bazooka Gold RC #203
    Ross Tucker-2003 Topps #2
    Roy Williams-2005 Absolute Memorbilia #48
    Roy Williams-2005 Upper Deck #54
    Jason Witten-2003 Topps RC #372

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    i have all cowboy rookies and 25 maverick rookie including dirk nowitzki and pavel podkelzin

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    MINER- I'll have to check and let you know when I get home this evening. :)

    TYLER- What do you have exactly?

    MILLER- I have those. Thanks anyway. :)

    JIRVIN- Can use both. Please let me know what you would need for them.

    THEQ- I'm really down on Julius right now. Not even 100% sure he'll be wearing the star on the side of his helmet next year. Thanks for offering though.

    ICED- Looking mainly for:

    Roger Staubach
    Drew Pearson
    Tony Dorsett
    Michael Irvin
    Emmitt Smith
    Troy Aikman
    Deion Sanders
    Roy Williams
    Jason Witten
    Terence Newman
    2005 RC's

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    2004-2005 Tops Draft Picks & ProspectsDrew henson #125 and Julis Jones #134
    Drew Henson Baseball Rookie DAt Nguyen Rookie
    2002-2003 Terrence Newman Bowman Rooki

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    if you are interested in any of the following tell me and ill tell you the rest of the information about the card that you are interested in


    2004-2005 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Devin Harris ULTIMATE ROOKIE JERSEYS #'ed 257/275 URJ-DE
    2001-2002 Fleer FLair Jason Terry Warming Up Game Jersey
    2000-2001 Fleer Feel The Game Game Jersey Keith Van Horn


    Keith Van Horn-x3
    PAvel Podkolzin
    Josh Howard-x2
    Jason Terry-x3
    Jerry Stackhouse-x4
    Erick Dampier-x3
    DEvin Harris-x2

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