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Thread: WTTF;Bills TEAM FOR TEAM!!!!

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    WTTF;Bills TEAM FOR TEAM!!!!

    Even though they suck :new_2guns I still want they're cards.So I am trading striaght up team for team,list how many current bills you have and your team and I will lyk.

    Teams gone

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    I like the Broncos and could put together a box with a couple hundred Bills. Really don't want to type them all. Any player or years you don't want? I know have several from as far back as 1975. Let me know how you want to work it.
    With your seven good trades I can send first and you could look 'em over.
    No risk to you except return postage. You don't like 'em you mail 'em back or send me a similar box of Broncos.

    What do ya say?



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    How many do you have of current bills?
    Reed Losman

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    Not many, mostly old stuff but I'll look.



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