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Thread: 2005 Topps Update GOLD wanted.

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    2005 Topps Update GOLD wanted.

    I have plenty of base and these few Bonds HR cards along with these GU cards to trade. LMK and thanks....Dan
    Bonds HR :347,354,522,557,568,591.
    Inaugural Lineup : NI-Team,NI-TS,NI-LH.
    2005 Topps Upadte Legendary Sacks Mark Fidrych Says GU jsy but it's a GU base ~045/300.
    2005 Zenith Tony Gwynn GU jsy.
    2005 Zenith Dale Murphy GU jsy.
    2005 Zenith Adam Dunn GU bat
    2005 Sweet Spot Magglio Ordonez GU jsy ~ 21/75
    2005 Donruss Greats Dave Winfield GU jsy with Stripe.

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    i have these...

    m. restovich
    hernan iribaren rc
    jerry owens rc

    from the base set, i could use jered weaver, stephen drew and ryan zimmerman

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    I have card #112, Greg Maddux's 3000th Strikeout GOLD parallel. Any interest?

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    showtime7486....Yeah I'm interested. I can probably find you a couple of Homer Bailey rookies. By the way you looking for any Bailey autos? I have two I'm trying to sell or trade for 05 Past Time Pennants autos I need. i know I have a Topps Milledge rookie also. Anyway LMK.....Dan

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    I'd definetly be interested in the autos. Milledge more then the Baileys. I don't have any of the autos that you are looking for, but I do have alot of cards on my tradelist. Take a look at let me know what I can add with the Maddux Gold for the Milledge or Bailey Auto.


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