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Thread: Toys R Us MOJO!

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    Toys R Us MOJO!

    Happy to report I bought one of those boxes of 2003 UD Game Face that they sell at Toys R Us (8 Packs for $25). I've always liked the set, and was happy last time when I pulled a McGwire Game Face (leather) card (BV $30). This time, I got:

    2003 Upper Deck Game Face Autographs Barry Zito - BV $60!

    Was pleasantly surprised...willing to trade/sell. For trade, I am looking for a lower end Griffey auto (Reds) or Ripken and I can package some things together for one of those in your favor.

    Might also be interested in other Reds autos or a Kirk Gibson auto (Dodgers) of comparable value. Let's talk...

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    nice pull!
    Collecting Hall of Fame, Future Hall of Fame, and Retired Star autographs in MLB, NBA, and NFL.

    International Traders: I no longer mail to the Philippines.

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    I have Artifacts Griffey sr jersey and mondesi patch 4 clr...

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    I have this Gibson:
    2004 Topps Uncirculated, but hes in Detroit. It is an auto.

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    Thanks for the offers...I am mulling them all over. I have interest in everything listed above, maybe just not for the Zito. I'll be in touch...thanks!

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    I made it sound like I wasn't accepting any more offers here, but I thought I would add a post to stay I am still looking for other offers. Thanks!

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    Did you want my Gibson? Hes pictured in the Dodgers uni on the back.

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