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Thread: topps sweepstakes drawings

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    topps sweepstakes drawings

    hey, another post of mine brought this topic to mind. those drawings on the back of topps/bowman card products about inserts, if you send in 3 by 5 cards, you can receive inserts at the same rate as they are inserted in packs. has anyone had success with those? i am thinking of sending in some requests, mainly for the WWE heritage as I am a little upset over a box I opened! Are the chances good of getting a relic in return or has anyone gotten anything good. Knowing my luck, I'll probably get a 3rd Christy Hemme or Rock sticker, so let me know your thoughts

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    Yes, it's legit & totally worth it. It is called an NPN - No Purchase Necessary. Look at the very top Sticky post in this Forum to see what everyone has gotten. Good stuff.
    - Andy

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