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    Need a Mike Piazza g/u jrs quick

    I need this before I leave for NY on Wednesday, that means I need it on Tuesday, to give to my little cousin so I would need someone sending it to live near PA or send priority or something, I can buy or trade. lmk thanks
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    03 Flear Ultra Moonshots piazza dark blue or black will trade for cards off my need list thanks

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    didnt see anything i wanted besides this
    1953 Bowman Color
    #57 Lou Boudreau bv:$60

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    how about you tybo? did you see anything from my site?

    kai- that card is pending anyway, I might buy if I cant find anybody to trade with

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    tybo- I have these 2 1974's ft, #60 Lou Brock i think this is pending, I will find out later, and #315 Ron Cey, both are in nrmt or close to it

    also just found #'s 616, 578, 385 in nrmt
    I also have the #1 Hank Aaron but that is pending for real, it books at $50
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    these book 10.50 per beckett online 60,315,385 ,578,616 in nrmt. the aaron books 40.00 if that doesnt go let me know i need it thanks also the piazza books 15.00 let me know if you find a couple more thanks

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    didnt find any more, but you live in Califorina so im not sure it would get to me in time anyway, I accutally need it by tuesday but if the aaron falls through ill pm you and maybe we can get a trade

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