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    Box Break - 2004 Donruss World Series

    I had to get another box of this...once again a pretty decent break:

    Fans of the Game: Gene Shalit, Val Kilmer
    Holofoil Parallel (Red?): Kevin Millwood (11/100)
    Holofoil Parallel (Silver?): Fred McGriff (35/50)
    Blue Holofoil Parallel (Gold?): Joe Carter (4/10)
    World Series MVP: Reggie Jackson (11/1000)
    Face Off: 1991 World Series Tom Glavine/Kirby Puckett (182/500)
    October Legends: Carl Yaztrzemski (182/500)
    Playoff All-Stars: Albert Pujols (267/500)
    Rookie Auto: Ryan Meaux (876/1000)
    NL Materials Parallel: Mark Prior Jsy (Blue Swatch, 91/250)
    Jersey Number Materials Parallel: Kevin Millwood Jsy (White Swatch w/Red Pinstripe, 33/34)
    Triple Threads: Garret Anderson-Bat, Troy Glaus-Jsy (White), Tim Salmon Jsy (Grey) (87/100)
    Blue Autograph: Darryl Strawberry (8/25)

    All are for trade/sale. If you have shown interest in any of my other breaks over the past few weeks and you have let me know, don't worry - I will get back to you this weekend. Lots of time to trade! Thanks!

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    Playoff All-Stars: Albert Pujols (267/500)

    Check my site

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    Blue Autograph: Darryl Strawberry (8/25)
    Blue Holofoil Parallel (Gold?): Joe Carter (4/10

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    Check my list for this please:
    Blue Autograph: Darryl Strawberry (8/25)

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    swimboy84 - PM is still on the way... ;)

    thesmith00 - Didn't see anything, thanks.

    vikingfan101 - PM sent

    Still taking offers...thanks!

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    I could use this if hes in a Yankee uni

    Blue Autograph: Darryl Strawberry (8/25)

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