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Thread: Selling Everything!

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    Selling Everything!

    Ok, have reached a point where I am going to need to move on from collecting cards. Need to move everything I have. This isnt a fire sale though so it wont be super cheap but reasonable prices.

    Everything on my site is for sale:

    Please PM or post here what your interested in and I will reply with a possible price. thanks a lot.

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    04-05 SP Authentic Chauncey Billups/Ben Wallace SP Dual Signatures #SP2-BB- Both Blue Ink

    04-05 Topps Finest Beno Udrih X-Fractor Rookie Autograph #186- Blue Ink #d 127/129

    04-05 Topps Finest Romain Sato Blue X-Fractor Rookie Autograph #173- Blue Ink #d 14/25

    04-05 Topps Finest Jackson Vroman Black X-Fractor Rookie Autograph #178- Blue Ink #d 1/9 (Book value: N/A)

    Collecting all xfractors... Intrested in selected..

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    interested in the sean may auto... please pm me a price on it
    Magglio Ordonez 665/4851 13.7%
    AJ Guyton 75/87 85% plus 5 1/1's
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    15 for the Vroman? he is a rather iffy player so i wouldnt expect a lot out of it. He had a /79 go for 6 so im assuming a /9 would be worth 9 more lol....Sato doesnt look like he sells much 7 for it?, Udrih looking for 12(thats the last on ebay so im just trying to go by roughly their prices minus shipping which is cheaper from me. so say 36 dlvd for the FInest? the Dual would need 30 on...would be 66 total dlvd. lmk

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