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    Unhappy Unloading...

    I'm unloading my football commons/inserts.I hate to have to do it,but my family desperately needs the money.I'm going to try and sell in Lots of 15-25,maybe one card from each team.I'll probably sell a lot of 20 for $3 or $4 (including shipping) and anything else $5 or above (not sure yet).PLMK if you'd be interested in one of these,like I said we really need the money.

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    come on someone has to want one,i'm not joking when I say we need the money!

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    i will take one if you have any roy williams rc, kingsbury rc, simms rc, or terence newman lmk

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    HotSauce - i dont have any of those rc's,i'm sorry...would you still want one?I can put together a certain team for you if you like...

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