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Thread: Trading Basketball 4 Baseball

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    Trading Basketball 4 Baseball

    I have various inserts of Kobe, AI, KG, & Other Stars.

    I have a 2000-01 UD Keith Van Horn Jsy
    I have a 1998-99 Lucky 13 Jason Williams RC

    I have various low end rookies, Im looking for Jeters.


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    Hey, I'm intersested in the KVH jersey but I dont have many baseball cards but I do have one I got form a friend it's a Lou Gehrig silver foil card#'d w/ a certificate of authenticity so if your instrested please reply.

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    thanks for the reply, but im not intrested, as i know nothing about the card

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    what brand is the jeter?

    i'd be intrested...ill give you a 2000-01 EX net assets tmac insert for it.....

    i also have

    2000-01 Victory
    2000-01 UD
    2001-02 Ovation
    2000-01 UD Hardcourt

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    well the jeter is fleer tradition 01 grass roots insert... if you're interested ill do all 5 cards for the jeter... the insert u listed is only 3
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    i have some jeters but do u got any jared jeffries

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