I have a 05 Topps Pristine Barry Bonds Scarce Personal Pieces Game-Used Relics - seq #'d 6/10

This is a very rare card and has a piece of his 2004 all-star jersey.

The card is not priced due to scarcity, but Beckett has reported sales of $105 and $105(which I would assume are ebay prices).

I will sell this card for $110 shipped or will trade for $150-$200 book value

Looking for Jamal Lewis Rcs or anything else that catches my eye.


I am looking for the following cards:

Larrry Johnson sp authentic jersey rc #/800

Larry Johnson spx auto/jersey rc

Larry Johnson playoff contenders auto rc

Tomlinson sp authentic jersey rc

Tomlinson spx auto/jersey

High end Willie Parker rookies

Any other high end Tomlinson rookies

All Jamal Lewis Rookies