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    Card Terms

    Hey all, just have a few questions about a few terms on here people use that I dont, but would like to understand. When I buy and sell a card, I just look at everything on the back lol.

    Base card
    auto (thought meant autograph but I think im wrong....)

    and one that doesnt have to do with cards but see people type in posts alot: bump.



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    Insert- An insert is card that is not part of the "base set". It typically is numbered different than the base set. Instead of being number, say between #1-#300. It may be numbered #11 out of #13 or something like that. Perhaps someone can explain this a little bit clearler.

    #'ed- A serial numbered card. Some cards have a limited number printed, thus only so many of them exist.

    Base Card- A base card is just a regular card in a set.

    Auto- Autograph

    Bump- Just moves the thread to the top of the forum.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks alot man, greatly appreciated. You guys on here are too kind ;-). Thanks again, and yep I know what you meant by Insert. Also, Im from CT too, thats cool, where abouts do you live? Im from Stafford, then moved to Enfield, now im in Vernon. :-)

    Kind Regards,


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