Have been getting some cards but need a lot more of certain Indians players for spring training autos. Will be glad to trade off my tradelist for them. Here's who I'm looking for. Also interested in any minor league cards. Please PM me or e-mail me.
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Thanks and LMK,

C. Crisp
J. Hernandez
C. Blake
J. Cooper
G. Sizemore
F. Gutierrez
B. Snyder
J. Dubois
J. Peralta
R. Vazquez
I. Ochoa
R. Belliard
E. Torres
A. Boone
K. Kouzmanoff
J. Westbrook
C. Lee
B. Broussard
J. Liefer
R. Garko
. Bard
D. Wathan
B. Wickman (CL)
A. Rhodes
F. Cabrera
D. Riske
S. Sauerbeck
R. Betancourt
M. Miller