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Thread: 2005 ud potraits box break

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    2005 ud potraits box break

    i just bought a boc of them but was very dissapointed $150 down the drain 9 cards in total and they were all bent on the top right corner

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    who was your portrait and do you plan on sending the cards back to UD?
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    Ya, just send em back. Theyll replace em all im sure.

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    why should i pay like $10 to send cards that were kinda crapy anyways ill list who i got

    alex smith /425
    bulger jersey
    darrly blackstock /75
    vernand morency /425
    craigg bragg /425
    maurice clarett jersey
    andrew walters jersey
    8x10 doninek davis

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    That way at least you could trade em easier. Id trade for the Walters and Davis, but idk if I could do full bv for em since there bent.

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    Even if it is damaged I might be interested in the Davis 8x10. LMK what you would need for it,

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