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Thread: I NEED

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    I NEED

    2002 topps chrome refractors, coy wire, and ne thing else of the bills that may catch my eye... im looking to trade or buy with cc not cash... thanx all

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    hey bro i just pulled coy wire bowman rc. do u happen to have any avion black(former bills)jajuan dawson, moran norris, jabari holloway, ron edwards(bills)
    or dave ragone, bennie joppru, domanic davis ect?
    Alfred Blue , Louis Nix III Current Texans and Astros FY Prospects and Rookies. ccw/tr trader of month honors /tr hofer of '09..

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    I have a 2003 Sage HIT Willis McGahee RC I might take Card Cash Depending on how much you would offer. LMK THanks

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    i also have a coy wire bowman rc what would u want for it?

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