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    Looking for some Topps Poker Chips

    Hey, bought a box of these today, and got these dupes. Looking to trade them for ones I need.

    I have these:
    Joey Graham
    Rashad McCants
    Julius Hodge
    Hakim Warrick
    Carlos Boozer

    Amare Stoudamire /599

    Chris Paul

    Larry Hughes /399
    John Havlicek
    Bill Russell
    Zydrundas Ilgauskas
    Kevin Garnett
    Chris Taft /399

    Have these Dupes to trade:
    Hakim Warrick (white) x2
    Julius Hodge (white)
    and Joey Graham (white)

    Would like to trade the dupes for ones not on the list I have.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I plan on buying some in the next few weeks. If I get some dupes I will let you know. You might check ebay found quite a few, but pricey on there.

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    Ya they are, the boxes and chips alone are getting more than u get in the box, lol.

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    just picked up abox off ebay for $12.26 shipping included. so when I get it I will let ya know.

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    Kk, please do. But just to let ya know, you can pick upa box of 20 chips at Walmart for $10. Haha.

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    man thougth I was getting a deal. that was the cheapest on ebay. Most were $24 for 2 boxes plus shipping.

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    Either way, not bad. SAw 8 boxes going for 94. Still going I think. I could put all the chips up with a .99 starting bid and 2-3 shipping and easily make a profit. There really nice chips. Im gonna buy a few more boxes.

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