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Thread: Nolan Ryan Fans

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    Nolan Ryan Fans

    I have a cooperstown collection Nolan Ryan Classic Embossed Metal Collector Cards set. It consists of 5 metal cards each still in the plastic inside a tin. LMK if your interesed

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    I'm a bit interested... What sorta bv would you be looking for?

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    i really have no idea--i think itd jsut have to be if i liked the offer--unless u had some sort of idea

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    Hmmm, i'm not sure. Check out my tradelist, see if you find something (s) you like... I'm not really interested in it if you're looking for a lot of bv (i.e. $30+) but if you find one or two cards on my list you like we can proboly work something out.

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    well i dont see any basketball so im osrry not interested

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