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    Looking For Bc And Bcdp Refractors Any Year

    Lmk What You Have Will Trade My Dupes For Yours Or Trade Autos And Gu For Better Rc Refractors Lmk Will Also Trade In Your Favor For Bc Refractors With Refractors From Non Bc Sets.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Have these, if interested in Xfractors LMK and I can add a few more to the list
    05 Bowman Chrome:
    Brett Harper Refractor
    Brian Sprout Refractor
    Darwinson Salazar Refractor
    Thomas Pauly Refractor
    DJ Houlton Refractor
    Craig Tatum Refractor
    Shawn Bowman Refractor
    Mike Spidale Refractor
    Tim Hudson Blue Refractor
    Gio Gonzalez Refractor
    Javy Lopez Refractor
    Magglio Ordonez Refractor
    Bret Boone Refractor

    2004 Bowman Chrome:
    Marland Williams

    2004 BCDP:
    Olin Wick
    Mike Nickeas
    Matt Macri (x2)
    Jorge Cortes

    2003 BCDP:
    Edgar Gonzalez
    Xavier Paul
    Steve Lerud
    Dustin McGowan

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