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Thread: Now I Need A.........

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    Now I Need A.........

    2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Memorabilia 171 Rogers Hornsby Hat $60.00!!!!! lol



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    You try going to shows and trading for these? Id say thats probably your best bet, lol.

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    Are there any card shows in washington state....... any help???

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    anyone know where to find where card shows are in washington and when????

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    dude, the only way you're going to have a good chance of finding any of these rarer jersey cards is if you head down to the National Convention in Anaheim (Southern California) this coming June. This stuff is just not common enough for you to find it from another collector.
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    Or ebay or other dealers sites.. I tell ya show's are a great selection of cards but nothing can top the net...

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