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Thread: christmas money

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    christmas money

    with my christmas money i bought Michael Jordan autographed card, Lebron James/ Carmelo Anthony dual autograph. Just wanted to tell you.

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    You had to have gotten a LOT of X-mas money to buy those. Got links or pictures of what your getting?

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    how do you know if they are actually signed by the actual player??? i wouldn't buy those with my christmas money the only ones i would buy are certified autos or autos that comes with a coa from a big company

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    I dont know but they both have a 100% money back guarentee I am going to send them to a company to get certified.

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    LOL at that lebron sig..thats so fake its not even funny. Should of came here and asked first before buying

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    Yea,you could tell its fake.But you said you can go and return it so do so...don't even waste time getting it coa'd return it and buy yourself a box of bowman or a couple singles from ebay.

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