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    im looking for these players--

    shaun livingston
    chris paul
    marvin williams
    sebastion telfair
    Devin Harris
    Lebron James
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    i have pretty much all of them rookie and second and third year for some lmk which ones u need thanks

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    okay True Rookies are As Follows...

    04-05 Topps Pristine Devin Harris #107 BV $ 6
    04-05 Ultra Lucky 13 Devin Harris Gold Medallion BV $ 7.50

    04-05 Topps Shaun Livingston BV: $4
    04-05 Topps Chrome Shaun Livingston BV: $8
    04-05 Flair Shaun Livingston Serial#/100 BV: $10
    04-05 UD Prosigs Shaun Livingston BV: $5
    04-05 Hoops NamePlates PAtches Shaun Livingston Serial # 22/38 BV: N/A

    05-06 Topps Big Game Collection Marvin Williams Serial#/500 BV: $15
    05-06 Bowman Chrome Dpp Marvin Williams BV: n/a Yet
    05-06 Bowman Dpp Marvin Williams BV: n/a Yet
    04-05 Finest XRC Red Refractor Redemption Marvin Williams Serial#/159 BV: $60

    04-05 Topps Sebastian Telfair rc BV: $3

    lmk what you need from this thanks

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    i like them all actually--let me know what u need back in return--try to take from my baseball list first if u collect baseball

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    im mainly collecting Josh Childress Autos,game used,higher end rookies and always collecting lebron,wade,gordon,melo,iverson, not a baseball collector sorry man i do collect a little bit of football i need a cornell williams RC or Game used or Auto Of him i mainly Collect Basketball right now lmk thanks

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    hmmmm ok--well i guess check my basketball list--i have a kyle orton auto-and dan marino RC

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    what set are those both from and there book values i checked on orton the average price they go for is about 10-15 bux dlvd lmk thanks =)

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    orton is a press pass BV 40--sorry it isnt a marino RC 1985 its BV is 12

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    devin harris cards

    I have these harris cards I could sell or possibly trade, email me

    2004-05 bowman signs of the future auto
    2004-05 bowman rookie registration jersey
    2004-05 bowman rc
    2004-05 topps chrome rc

    Let me know, email me at

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