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    2005 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Ronnie Brown Rookie Autograph Card #114

    2005 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Ronnie Brown Rookie Autograph Card #114. Looking For Nice Auto's And Maybe Game Used In Football Give Me A List To Look At Star Players Or Hof Players.
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    i would like much cash/paypal and the bradshaw would u need for this???

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    I don't mean this as a knock on you by any means, BIG DOG, but I really don't like the look of that card. It looks like Topps just took Ronnie's base DP&P card and slapped a sticker on it. The sticker isn't even straight. I'm sorry, but when I pull an auto, I want it to look attractive. I'm sure the card books higher than my weekly paycheck, and I would love to have pulled it, but I just think that Topps, a multi-million dollar comapny, can do better than that.

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    Definately interested if you still have it. I can only trade right now, but I need that card for my Ronnie Brown base RC master set...I will trade anything on my site, including other Ronnie Brown autos (as long as they aren't true rc's). PLMK! (and can i see a picture of it, too?)


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    i too can use this card.
    i have that marino/fiedler/griese triple patch ($150)
    a peyton manning/marino dual facemask from 05 elite ($80)
    2004 hot prospects jp losman 4 clr patch auto ($120)
    2004 hot prospects lee evans 4 clr patch auto ($80)
    i also have a bunch of nice stuff in baseball and basketball if interested including an 05-06 bowman draft shaq auto
    lmk if you could use any

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