...6 Ronnie Brown RC Autos. Can't buy right now, have to trade...I will even trade other (non true RC) Ronnie Brown autos towards these if I can get them.

I need: (BV listed beside - if no BV yet, I put what I think is fair trade value)
Bowman's Best RC Auto #/199 ($120)
Contenders RC Auto ($n/a - $250)
SP Authentic RC Patch/Auto #/299 ($n/a - $300)
SPx RC JSY/Auto #/250 ($250)
Topps DP&P RC Auto ($175)
Zenith RC Patch/Auto #/99 ($175)

I have these Ronnie Brown autos for trade (along with everything else on my site!) (BV listed beside - if no BV, I put what I think is fair trade value):
Absolute Memorabilia Marks Of Fame JSY/AUTO #/300 ($80)
Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Gold Auto #/15 ($n/a - $250)
Leaf Limited Bronze Spotlight 2 Clr Patch/Auto #/25 ($175)
Playoff Honors Hidden Gems Pull-Out JSY/Auto #/50 ($150)
Sage Red Auto #/999 ($30)
Sage Hit Blue Auto ($30)
Sage Hit Silver Auto ($40)
UD Portraits Signature Portraits 8x10 ($80)
UD Portraits Rookie Dual Portraits 8x10 w/Jason Campbell #01/45 ($120)
Upper Deck Signature Sensations Auto #/23 ($n/a - $250)
Upper Deck Legends Dual Auto w/Deuce McAllister #/20 ($n/a - $250)
Topps Total Yellow Printing Plate #1/1 ($n/a - $300)

PLEASE, let me know if you have either of these 6 for trade! I really need them!! I am trying to get the entire Ronnie Brown TRUE RC set from 2005! Thanks!!