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Thread: Card Supplies FS/FT

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    Arrow Card Supplies FS/FT

    Supplies listed below. All supplies are in good shape, just make your best offer and hopefully we can come to a price. Thanks

    (88) Top Holders

    (21) Team Bags

    (16) Card Holding Cases (Holds 5-25 Cards, depending on which ones you want)

    (5) 1-Screw Screwdowns

    (139) Penny Sleeves

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    do you have the semi-riged holders to send cards to get graded?

    also are you trading the (5) 1 screwdowns or only selling...let me know, jordan

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    I only have one of the semi-riged holders and I'm really only looking to sell. Do you have a price in mind?

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    do you mean 1 box of the semi-riged holders for graded? if so how many come in the box and what is the lowest you can do paypal.

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    I'm always bad at pricing this kind of stuff out. Does $12 for the whole thing seem fair?

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    I may be interested in the card cases, can you give me a better description, size, etc???


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