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Thread: Pujols rc bv 150!!!

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    Arrow Pujols rc bv 150!!!

    2000 Multisport ad rookie card, HIS FIRST EVER LICENSED CARD card, blue border, rarest version of this card, has a bv of 150, i will scan it soon.

    there are two variations, the white border, and the blue one. the white is common, and goes for around $20. But this one, with the blue border, is a very rare one.

    lmk if you are interested.
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    u will prbbly not like my offer but...
    100 in bv(5autos)
    20 in cash

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    or i could do bv155 in 6 autos and 1 gu
    ill let u know the cards if ur interested

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    this is what i have bv on
    lmk if u want the set/year
    dan wilson jsy$5
    hasegawa/kim dbl jsy 1 w/ pinstripe other swatch is prpl$15
    justin huber auto$15
    yaz bat $40
    joe carter auto $15
    chris snelling auto $10ed kranepool auto $15
    hayden penn auto $20(saw one go for $30 on the bay)
    austin kearns auto $25
    carlos hernandez jsy auto $25

    can u give me the set/year of the pujols?

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    Depending on the set/year... and scan.. I could possibly offer a Nolan Ryan auto and maybe a couple of other autos / gu to the deal.. LMK

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    Sorry Sox... didn't mean to interfere... Please disregard my post.

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    scott is aloud to make an offer too he may want a few more offers before he says he wants to take you up on yours.........

    just my $.02

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