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Thread: Chad Pennington Error Card

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    Chad Pennington Error Card

    I was looking through some star base cards today and came across a Chad Pennington 2001 Pacific Titanium Card, for some reason, I decided to flip the card over, and the back of the card is not his, but it is the back of Jason Brookins, a rookie RB for the Ravens, card number 11. I just think it is a neat one of a kind card, I probably want to keep it because it's the only card I ever got like that unless some Pennington fan wants a cool 1/1 and will give me something good for it. I guess it was just some mistake with the printing and I wanted to pass it along.

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    I was just looking in the annual price guide and all the cards are "errors" cause it was never corrected and the card worth about 2$.

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    haha, i guess that's still pretty good for a 2nd year card of a QB who's arm is shot...were all the cards in the set like that? I got others I gotta find and check out

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    nm, i found edgerrin james, and he's on both the front and back, i think i only got one pack and the rest were commons, so i threw those somewhere and have no idea if i'll ever find them

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    I have 2 Pennington/Brookins and I have seen maybe 6 elsewhere online. Not too rare.

    One is Pennington/Brookins and the other is Brookins/Pennington.

    And the only error like this I've seen from Titanium is these two players so I don't think there are any like this of other players.

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