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Thread: Martell Webster

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    Martell Webster

    I need ANY cards of Martell Webster, especially base. plmk what you have as I do not have many.

    Also looking for Tony Delk.

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    All I have is Topps, Rookie Scrapbook, PressPass, and am receiving Slam, Pristine, and UD Sweet Shots auto.

    Even if you have Topps, I want it if its black bordered.

    Please help.

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    i have webster bowman and bowman chrome...i may have a few more on my tradesite you can use..lmk

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    What for the Bowman Chrome of Webster (Ill let you know later if I will still need the Bowman), and the Bowman of Von Wafer?

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    not sure on a trade value....i didnt see any rookies on your list i need except the hodge spgu...lmk what trade value you'll give.

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    I really dont pay much attention to the value, unless it would be way unfair, do you need any cards from 03-04 victory other than rookies, or Topps Archives, 04-05 Topps?

    If not, lmk who you want, but just lettin ya know i dont have any felton and only may is a topps

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    may and felton are about the only ones i collect...can we do something with the Hodge...lmk

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    sorry, but im probably going to have to keep the hodge, but lmk if we can work out something else

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