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    Odd email from Panini from NPN?

    I just got an email from Panini that my NPN request has been sent. It was for Pinnacle. But I have never sent anything in to them for an NPN. Do they just randomly send out NPNs to whoever is in the database?

    Only thing I've ever done with them was a redemption from 11-12 Certified.

    The Pinnacle one I just got sent about in email didn't even say any further details. Can't wait to see what it is?
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    I just got an email like this the other day and I dont remember sending anything in also. They must actually be doing some work over there now because they finally replaced a redemption for me also that I had asked to be replaced 5 times over the last 8 months. The redemption I sent in wasnt really good and what they say they replaced it with wasnt very good either but at least I dont have that one sitting in que anymore, redeemed it last March (2011). I should apparently have two envelopes coming from Panini now.
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