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    Looking to Possibly Move my Messier 1/1 Tag Auto

    Might consider trading this, but by no means am I going to rush anything. I must see the right deal come by for me to accept it. Would be interested in a cash/trade possible deal.

    10-11 Artifacts Patch Tag 1/1 Mark Messier NPDS

    Im looking for the following in return
    -HOF cards (lemieux,gretz,orr,howe etc)
    -Star Players (crosby, stamkos, Nugent hopkins etc.)
    -High end rookies
    -The Cup/Dominion

    Basically any highend cards that catch my eye,

    PM's work best, Spencer

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    Quote Originally Posted by spg View Post
    What value do you have on it?
    Not really sure to be completely honest, if you'd like to make an offer go ahead, Im more gauging interest at this point than anything.

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    Well take a look at my bucket if you get a chance. Would be willing to add in cash also

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    Care to take a look at my bucket as well? I have high end Nuge, Crosby, some high end RC's, and Dominion.

    Random High End

    Dominion Pages 4-6
    I do NOT use Beckett

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    CMB for trade

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