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Thread: Zach Begosian

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    Zach Begosian

    LMK what you have please. You can PM me or you can post here

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    O I forgot to add that he is the Atlanta Thrashers rookie

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    Check my jersey bucket... I have one H&P of him!! :)
    I have decided to sell my collection.
    Please watch my (click link) --> Hidden Content <-- (click link) as I add items to sell.

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    TannieS: I can really use it. LMK what you can use from me for it. Im gonna go eat quickly, can you plerase PM me or post in this thread what you liked of mine? Thanks!

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    BOgosian doesn't have much stuff yet. Give it time, he's the Thrashers' future Captain and WILL play this year!

    Collecting Any Current/Former Cape Breton Screaming Eagles James Sheppard, Olivier Roy, Luke Adam, Oskars Bartulis, Ondrej Pavelec etc...
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    thanks for letting me know rookiesorbust. I agree that he will do good

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