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    Pujols/Edmonds/Rolen Triple GU FT

    I have a 2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection "Heart of the Lineup" Triple GU 99/100 BV 50.00 for trade. Mainly looking for Jeter, but will look at trade lists. Thanks


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    You could check my tradelist. I would be interested. I would also be willing to trade you a bunch of Jeter base cards. Heavily in your favor of course.

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    check my site... I'm very interested
    All trades must be sent in bubble mailers. Thanks!
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    Currently looking for set needs, and GU or Autos of Gary Carter, Mike Piazza, & David Wright. Also into most HOFers & major stars.

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    birdsonthebat- Unless you can trade one of your Autos, I didn't see anything I needed. Not really interested in trading it for base cards.

    thekingpin- I like this:
    Please let me know if we can work something out.


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    I have a couple of Jeter GU cards listed on my this link
    One Bv $40, one $25, one $20 check them out. Jerry

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    Mr Cardboard- I found the Jeter/Nomar GU and Upper Deck Game Jersey GU Jersey GJ-DJ, where is the third?


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    The other is 03 UD MVP Base To Base dual bases with Bernie Williams BB-JW BV $25
    I would trade the $40 bv GU and $20 BV in Jeter inserts or the other 2 together and $15 in other Jeter cards. PLMK Jerry

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