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Thread: Boxes & Cases

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    Boxes & Cases

    How often do you buy sports cards (non-eTopps), do you buy boxes, cases, singles? I'm just bored right now, but interested to hear everyone's response.


  2. Kronozio
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    Tim -- I go for bargain values, so if the price is right, I'll go for a case...that way, I can open a few boxes, then sell the rest on Ebay

    by the way

    Congrats to your Jayhawks.

    Roy Williams deserves a chance to get that title. 3 of the 4 #1s were defeated

    I think the toughest teams are out of the way --- Arizona and Kentucky

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    I was buying 4-5 boxes a week til I found etopps and now am selling all that I bought non etopps.


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    For me, I always prefer to buy the box and build the set... cases are a rare purchase if I can get them at a great price.

    I buy factory sets also... for the right price

    Packs are when I just want to go hang out at the local card shop.

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    I wish I had the money to buy cases but I don't so I buy boxes every once and awhile.

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    I buy boxes of Bowman Chrome, Bowmans Best, and Bowman Draft Picks until I'm close to getting the basic set completed.
    I also buy packs of other products when I'm bored. Mostly Topps products so I can send away for the NPN offers.
    Fleer and UD packs are ok, but the I can't seem to get value out of the boxes. Playoff packs are fine too, but somehow can't get into Donruss.
    My Etopps port is at 100% profit now, so I'm happy with that. I haven't bought much lately, but I sure keep an eye on them and jump on IPOs that I think will be good.

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    I occasionally pick up a pack of football cards, usually something like Bowman Chrome with a lot of rookies, but for the most part go for gu/auto cards on ebay. Collecting autographs has always been a passion of mine and to get players at a nice price I'd have no chance of getting otherwise is cool to me.

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    I mainly stick with singles. At times I will go for a box depending on what mood I am in. And cases I will rarely if ever mess with. Here pretty soon I should be recieving 4 boxes of 2000 Topps Gallery football. I believe that 4 is a case on that product. There was no real reason why I had bought the boxes. It was prolly because that I was able to get them for $17 a box. Who knows. hehe. :)


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    Richie, where did you get them, and what do you want for that box of 1993 Playoff?


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    Heyas [stkmtimo]. I see we meet again. hehe. The 2000 Topps Gallery I am getting from someone I met through E-Bay. I had bought 1 of the boxes before for $21 I believe. They still had a case of 4 boxes they were getting rid of so they had asked me if I had wanted them. So since the price was low enough for me I went ahead and got em. Now as far as the 1993 Playoff FB Box I have sent you a PM about it. I am not sure what exactly I am looking to get in trade for it. But I am sure that we will be able to come up with some kind of deal. Maybe a different box? hehe. But either way we will work something out. :)


    Originally posted by stkmtimo
    Richie, where did you get them, and what do you want for that box of 1993 Playoff?


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