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    Random Trade list..R. Brown Dual auto/R. Williams Auto/patch....

    I just thought I'd throw out some random cards for trade, jus to see whats out there.
    Obviously I collect Patriots stuff, but I'm looking for any 05 Rookies, and other random guys like, A. Gates, L.T., Carnell, E. Manning, and Sweet spot auto helmets I don't have.

    The Auto Cards:

    05 Bowmans Best Ronnie Brown/Mike Williams Dual auto 17/50.

    Bowmans prices aren't out yet, but I'd throw out a $150-175 or so value on it. The only price I know is R. Brown single auto /199 is $100, so a dual w/Mike #ed to 50....well who knows. Lets just say it will take a nice card to get this one.

    05 Absolute Roy Williams Auto 3 color patch $60 (also take something nice)
    05 Absolute Spectrum Alge Crumpler auto $25
    04 Leaf limited Drew Bledsoe auto Jersey $40
    04 Authentix John Fox auto (colbert RC) $25
    05 Topps DP & Prospects Reggie Brown Auto $30
    05 Topps DP & Prospects David Greene auto $12
    05 Relections Dan Orvlosky red auto $25
    05 SPX auto/Jersey Antrel Rolle $25

    Jersey Cards

    05 Reflections, cut from same cloth Manning Brothers Dual Jersey $40
    05 Reflections, Ronnie Brown JSY $25
    05 LCM Braylon Edwards JSY $25
    04 Finite HG Roy Williams RC JSY $20
    05 Topps 50th Anniv. Marvin Harrison All-pro Jsy $15

    I also have a Lebron James UD Triple Dimensions Holograph RC BV $80 to trade towards Football. Would take a nice card for that too!!
    Thanks for looking!!


  2. Kronozio
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    Like quite a few things, lemme know if you need anything of mine please.

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    i prob. wont be able to get it but i nd ur braylon spx au/jsy check my site and give a sale price thanks


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    viking, I like the 2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars Brian Urlacher Patch (orange, then stitching and white patch) 25/35, and possibly the Steven Jackson Sweet spot.
    What are the BV's, and What are you interested in??

    Stephen.....didn't see anything

    Golfermatt.....actually the Braylon is NFT/sale, I just have a good feeling about that guy. I do however like the Rudi Johnson Donruss Classics auto, do you like anything else??

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    hi. i like a few things of yours, are you looking for any sweet spot auto helmets (any year)? i have a few from my pc i wouldn't mind parting with. lmk thanks necron 9d9

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    i like these

    Reggie brown ball/jsy
    Carlos rogers ball/jsy

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    i actually nd this

    05 SPX auto/Jersey Antrel Rolle $25

    im doin the set

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    04 Leaf limited Drew Bledsoe auto Jersey $40
    interested in this one

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