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Thread: EBAY Store question

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    EBAY Store question

    can anyone who has an ebay store please post or pm me a little info about them.. I believe i want to open one but im not 100% sure it will pay off... i have a lot of cards both mid and low end i would like to list and i was wondering if anyone else does this and if they make back at least all the fees and make a litle side money as well.

    Also does the listing process go pretty fast? Thats the reason i am getting sick of naxcom is it will take me literally all night to list 50 cards.

    Thanks in advance


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    I had one a few years back when it was relatively a new thing. I don`t think I sold anything through the store. It was only $9.99 a month(I think? ). Listing items was basically the same except it was much cheaper and the items remained for a month or so. I`m also thinking about doing another store but I havn`t looked into it at all. I use turbolister to do my auctions and I`m pretty sure you can use it for store items as well. Sorry I`m not of much help. :icon_cool

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    i use turbolister now as well and that is one of the reasons i was thinking of going with a store... i was also wondering what kind of traffic you can get or do you have to do some advertising to get anyone drawn to your store... i know it does not search for your store items in a regular search

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    Not exactly true. If your search returns none or very few matches it automatically does a Store search.

    Tutall were you able to mail my end of our deal yet?

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    i think the total matches has to be under 25....

    all the mail i have has been sent although i am not completely sure the day it went out

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    hey tutall,
    I know we've had some issues in the past, but I figured I's weigh in.

    I have a store and it's great. I've had it for 1 year. It will start off slow, but hang in there My store items outsell my auctions...unless I get real agressive running auctions. I stock my store and run auctions as well. The auctions will help run traffic to your store and ideally have people bookmark your store in their ebay favs and repeat buy.

    You do pay more on the back end, 8%, but you can list cards for the prices you want at only 3 with a gallery image for every 30 days. I would also recommend putting the "best offer" option on your store items. You will get quite a few knuckleheads offering up $5 for a card listed at $25 sell price, but you can just reject those.

    Plus, if you're like me, sometimes you get burnt out listing auctions. Your store stuff is always out there. They do take a back seat to auctions as far as regular ebay searched but people will find you if you have nice stuff.

    I haven't been on naxcom, but I can't image that they get the traffic that ebay does.

    I'd stick with the 14.99 version of store. I'm happy with it myself.

    I would make sure to organize your store very well. Ebay gives you 20 or so categories. I see lots of stores that have 1 category with 50 items in it. Doesn't really make it easy for buyers to look.

    You can check mine out to see how I did mine and would recommend looking at others too.

    good luck,

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    thanks mark... thats a big help.. sorry also about the issues we had it just wasnt a good time collecting wise... i think i will begind setting up my store next week as i really think i have the time to put into it to make it work

    Anyone else have ideas?


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    Why are you listing cards one at a time? You should use the Excel Bulk Upload Sheet (link to the excel bulk upload sheet is located just above the Dark Blue Post Buy/Sell Listings Button). You could list 50 items in less than 10 minutes using the bulk upload sheet. Email if you have any questions or use the Live Chat Feature.

    Thank you Tutall

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    the reason i dont use it is microsoft spreadsheet (which i use) is not compatible... i asked the helpdesk about it and they said they were working on it but when i try it now... nothing

    plus i am starting to get frustrated as it takes forever to get to VIP Status when you sell commons... if there was a certain number of transactions instead of a $1500 bar it would make it much better IMO.... i dont sell a ton of high end stuff but i sell a lot of set fillers and without being able to offer free shipping i get very little traffic on Naxcom

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    Have you ever considered a store at Bidville. 5$ a month for basic store, all pics show up in gallery, all items show up in general seaches and items are fed to Froogle and I think they are starting to be fed to Google as well. I've had my store for a little over a year and consistently sell about 100-300 cards per month.
    Items are listed for 30 days and auto relist.
    Here is a link for more info

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