all FT/FS except the Felton and the J.R.'s(PC Items)

04-05 Topps Marks of Excellence Tim Duncan AUTO(BV:$N/A)
05-06 Topps Pristine Press Plates Magenta Raymond Felton RC #'d 1/1(BV:$N/A)
2005 Absolute Marks of Fame Troy Williamson AUTO/JSY #/250(BV:$50)
1969 Topps Reggie Jackson RC(BV:$250)
1969 Topps Bob Gibson(BV:$60)
2004 Topps B.J. Upton AUTO
04-05 Upper Deck Exquisite J.R. Smith Signature Shots Patch PATCH/AUTO'd BALL RC #/100(BV:$150)
04-05 SPX J.R. Smith AUTO/JSY RC #/1999(BV:$60)
04-05 SPA J.R. Smith AUTO RC #/1499(BV:$60)
2004 SP Top Prospects Matt Bush RC/Nomar Garciaparra Dual AUTO #/100(BV:$120)