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Thread: 1989 Upper Deck Trade/sell

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    1989 Upper Deck Trade/sell

    I have the following to trade/sale from 1989 UD. They are all rookies
    Randy Johnson
    Ramon Martinez
    John Smoltz
    Gary Sheffield
    Greg Jefferies
    Cris Carpenter
    Sandy Alomar Jr.
    I have all the rookies except Ken Griffey Jr. up for sale/trade.

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    Also have
    1994 action packed minor league cards of
    Alex Rodriguez 55
    Phil Nevin 14
    Pokey Reese 49
    Todd Holandsworth 66
    Derek Lee 35

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    not quite sure yet. I just got all my old cards out and started digging through them. As soon as I can get a beckett I can have a general idea. I would really like to get rid of most of my cards. I am currently making a list of cards. I can email you the list in a few hours so you can see what you may want. I'll try to find a beckett, but I doubt there will be one in town.

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    is there a free site to find the current book value?

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "I can email you the list in a few hours so you can see what you may want." All I want is the Johnson which is $15. You can check prices on You'll have to sign up (free) for an account & the nuse the "my collection" feature.

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    Pujols, P Manning, Lebron, or Larry Johnson cards are what I am most interested in. I was offering to email you the list of cards I have so that you could see IF you may want any of those.

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    Oh ok. Unfortunately, I don't any single card of equal value from any of those guys to offer you for the Johnson.

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