Well, I frikan lost my mind in the past 2 weeks, and spent over $500 of my paypal. Now, I find a card that I really need/want and can't afford it. :new_puppy

Would really like to sell, and would need instant paypal, as the card I want has an auction that ends in 1 day and 1/2.

I'm putting Ebay prices, or what I think is fair.

04 Topps jersey edition Lebron "Bronze" RC Patch, 39/99
(the regular one, not #ed has sold for $60 DLVD)

Asking $72 DLVD

04 Topps jersey edition Carmelo "Black" RC Patch, 3/25 (No BV)

Asking $65 DLVD

04 Authentix Melo Auto 43/225 BV $100

Asking $38 DLVD

04-05 Exquisite Andrei Kirilenko Auto 2 color patch 63/100
BV $80

Asking $28 DLVD

04 Triple Dimensions Lebron RC 354/999 BV $80
(Just sold on ebay for $53 DLVD)

Asking $48 DLVD

Or take the whole lot for $220!!! DLVD

Any help would be great, thanks for looking.