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    Complete Sets FS

    I worked very hard for many years to complete these sets, now I am giving you the chance to add them to your collection. I have decided to collect just football and not Nascar anymore. All of these sets are for sale. LMK if there are any you might need.

    2008 PP Cup Chase prize

    2003 Optima Fan favorite

    2003 Stealth No Boundaries

    2004 Stealth No Boundaries

    2005 Eclipse Maxim

    2003 Wheels American Muscle

    2004 Eclipse Maxim

    2005 Eclipse Hyper Drive

    2005 HG Full Throttle

    2003 Eclipse Supernova

    2006 Eclipse Supernova

    2003 Eclipse Warp Speed

    2004 HG Full Throttle

    2002 VIP Mile Masters Trans.

    2000 HG Wheels Gearshifters

    2000 PP Cup Chase Prize

    2003 HG Full Throttle

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