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    2012 NFL Hi/Lo Contest!!!!!!!!!

    Alright you football fanatics........Check this out!!!

    Each Regular Season NFL Week, you post which team you think will score the most and the least
    points for that week and give the number you think they will each score. If you guess the team that
    scores the highest or lowest amount of points & are the closest to that score, you will get 50 cc in a
    season long race to win football card prizes. I will keep a total cc won list and that will serve as our
    standings. If there are multiple entries with the same team and score, we'll split that cc share so you
    still earn points towards the yearly prizes. If no one guesses the team that scored the most or fewest
    points for the week, the cc carries over till the next week.

    If you miss a week or get behind early, don't give up, a two week hot streak where you pick the hi &
    the lo could put you right in the thick of things.

    All members & staff are eligible. Please do NOT post entries here, find the link for the current week
    below. You may edit your entry up until the first kickoff of the week.

    Each regular season week, just post in here between Monday & by kickoff of the first game of the week. Be
    careful to watch for those Thursday games too, they will get you.

    Here are the links to each weeks thread:

    Week #1
    Week #2
    Week #3
    Week #4
    Week #5
    Week #6
    Week #7

    Week #8
    Week #9
    Week #10
    Week #11
    Week #12
    Week #13
    Week #14
    Week #15
    Week #16
    Week #17


    toddsr (266.6 CC)
    rtsjr (200 CC)
    rymflaherty (187.50 CC)
    BigBaller23 (137.50 CC)
    tk10775 (129.10 CC)
    jdlee123 (100 CC)
    frizzlecake (100 CC)
    usafshelland (100 CC)
    CubFan777 (75 CC)
    Devlin (50 CC)
    dwl318 (50 CC)
    wolf1bh (50 CC)
    mikepro44 (50 CC)
    tolrobb3 (25 CC)
    anttheman (25 CC)
    Thrillseeler (25 CC)
    The Vikes (16.6 CC)
    kencope (12.50 CC)


    1st 2011 Playoff Contenders 213 Mark Ingram RC/Auto

    2nd 2011 Topps Precision #136 Austin Pettis

    3rd 2011 Topps Supreme #57 Jordan Todman
    Attributes: RC, S# /429

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    So I take it I won 1st place (ALL RIGHT!!!) (LOL)
    RTC Champ "15" & CUP Champ "16"

    I Do BV For BV Only Don't care SV Sorry

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    wtg wow got second did not know did that well myself

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